The gift that keeps on giving?

A few pieces of parenting advice have stayed with me over the decades and I’m going to share one of my more successful accomplishments….

When my daughter was born (more than 24 years ago) a friend told me to start a collection with an easy theme, so that my kids always have something “perfect” to give to me, their Mom.

What did I pick?

Through the years, word spread beyond my children to family and friends. I have received numerous stone and metal garden frogs, various frog jewelry items, unusual ceramic frogs including a pair of kissing S&P frog shakers and a lovely Chinese frog riddled with holes to support twiggy sticks of incense.

Now that I’m older and wiser (and know exactly what I like), I recently announced before the holidays that I’m frogged-out… although I will always love frogs and thoroughly enjoyed my real frog friends who lived in my tiny frog pond in Maine last summer and fall.

These days I’m partial to more sophisticated gifts, such as anything aromatic from Thymes, dark Godiva chocolate with sea salt, and very delicate earrings.

I’m happy to report, I received all three this past Christmas – and not a frog in sight.

What are some of your favorite gifts?

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  1. Frogs? I never knew. Apparently I am partial to scarves, robes, slippers. And it is true – anything to keep me warm is appreciated.

  2. LOL!!!! Are you the owner of that bedazzling amphibian above? Anything with gooey chocolate insides works for me ;)

  3. Elizabeth Atkinson

    Not that particular one, but I was in possession of a very similar bejeweled amphibian which was mysteriously misplaced.

    I have to admit, one of my favorite frog gifts is a wonderful coffee mug with a wee frog peering up from the bottom of the cup – I love it!

    Warmth and gooey chocolate presents are always good. I’m working in cozy long underwear and a hat today :)

  4. I still like PEANUTS, even thought I am drowning in them.

    Diamonds and gold would be my new request….

    My Aunt Martha used to collect owls, but when she built her weekend house at 60 she declared that strawberries were her ne theme. Needless to say she has plenty of both!

  5. I can see how decades of frogs would eventually grow tiresome. I once knew someone who was obsessed with collecting ceramic chickens, especially roosters. Someone else I once knew had a bedroom devoted entirely to a collection of stuffed bears.
    As for me, I’ll eventually start a collection of social security checks.

  6. But have you dined on frog? Tastes like chicken and it’s gluten free!

  7. I guess that piece of parenting advice was left out of my lessons. Later in life, though, I’ve been lucky to be gifted with chocolate which is wonderful!

  8. Elizabeth Atkinson

    I did, inadvertently, dine on frog last summer in China and instantly knew it wasn’t chicken! I later apologized profusely to my frog friends in my tiny frog pond…. that may have been the moment I reached the end of my froggy rope.

    Diamonds and gold are always welcome, as are social security checks :) But when all else fails : Chocolate!

  9. Tools always worked for me. Sometimes I’d receive one that I’d never thought of owning. Nice.

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