My New Website!

If all goes according to plan, I’ll be launching my NEW & IMPROVED website here in exactly ONE WEEK!

Here’s the catch – I’ve accumulated many subscribers to this website since I began in 2008 (original photo shown here with my sweet black lab, Chinaberry).

However, I’ll need all of you to re-subscribe when the new website is launched.

To give you a little incentive, the first 10 subscribers will receive a signed copy of my new tween novel, THE SUGAR MOUNTAIN SNOW BALL, when it’s released in 2015! I’ll contact you for shipping details through your subscriber email (which always remains invisible to the public).

So don’t forget to check back here in ONE WEEK and SUBSCRIBE!! And please tell all your friends! And then ask them to tell their friends, and so on….

Otherwise, you won’t receive BLOG UPDATES from me and my writing partner, Obadiah the Super Doodle.

And if you have any suggestions (likes/dislikes) for my new website, please leave a comment below!

Thanks very much for the website support xo